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The word ‘Judo’ means ‘gentle way’ in Japanese. There’s no kicking or punching involved, and instead of brute strength, skill, technique and timing are the essential ingredients for success. The ‘gentleness’ in the name relates to the art of learning to make Judo gentle on yourself – Throwing and submitting your opponent should be as easy on your own body as possible. In our classes, you’ll also learn how to fall and roll safely.

Judo training is a physically demanding exercise and it serves as a great cardiovascular workout which improves stamina, general health, and overall fitness. You’ll also learn there are many other benefits of Judo training too such as increased strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and reflexes.

Judo is an ideal sport for people of all ages, genders, and ability. Confidence and self-esteem builds as you progress through the grading system. The grading system ensures that the next goal is always realistic and achievable with effort and also ensure that regardless of your skill level, all Judo players can actively compete with players of similar ability and hence they have a reasonable change of emerging victorious.

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